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Meet Marsha Marie Mosely
J LaVonne Learning Solutions, LLC
Founder & CEO

Marsha Marie Mosely is a well-renowned Personal & Executive Development Coach and Instructional Designer. She is the Founder & CEO of J LaVonne Learning Solutions, LLC. With advanced studies in brain based teaching and coaching, rooted in the principles of neuroscience, she is a strong advocate of reflective thinking, a life-long learner, with a belief and focus that the power to change your life are in the choices that you make. Her extensive knowledge and experiences in organizational culture consulting, learning and development strategies and the art and science of asking the right, productive questions, has given her the unique ability to connect with a wide spectrum of consultants, executives and leaders. Since 1995, Marsha Marie has had the privilege of providing guidance and expertise to all types of people and organizations in the South Florida area and beyond.

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